Laziness Is Not The Absence Of Strength And Will But The Refusal To Engage Your Strength And Will. Laziness Is A Very Common Factor In The Body Of Christ That Hinders People From Reaching Their Expected End. Even God Is A Workaholic; He Created The World In 6 Days And Only Rested For One Day. The Unwillingness And Refusal To Engage Your Strength Is A Major Cause Of Stagnation Some People Face Today.

There Is Dignity In Labor And Pride In The Money You Earned Through A Legitimate Means.

One Of The Strength Of Laziness Is Procrastination. Child Of God, Anything That Comes To Your Mind To Do, Do It Immediately. When You Feel It In Your Spirit To Pray, Do It As It Comes Because That Is The Spirit Of God Leading You.

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  • by Ekpenkhio Hope
    Posted 6 — 03

    Daddy, more grace sir

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