Positive Confession

What Are You Saying To Your Life? Faith Can Only Work On A Man Whose Mouth Is Actively Declaring Positively. Stop Having A Defeat Mentality About Life. Do Not Speak Your Situation, Speak Your Destination Because There Is Power In The Word That Comes Out From Your Mouth.

Suffer Not Thy Mouth To Cause Thy Flesh To Sin; Neither Says Thou Before The Angel, That It Was An Error: Wherefore Should God Be Angry At Thy Voice, And Destroy The Work Of Thine Hands? (Ecclesiastics 5:6).

Frustrate Demonic Powers In Your Life By Faith Confessing Your Miracle.

Declaring Light In The Midst Of Light Is Just A Statement, It Is Speaking Light Into Your Darkness, When The Situation Is At Variance With The Declaration Then It Is A Confession. Let The Weak Say “I Am Strong” And Let The Poor Say “I Am Rich”. Let It Be That Even When You Die, You Die The Death Of The Righteous. What You Say Is What You See…


  • by Morris Taylor
    Posted 15 — 03

    I love ur teaching sir, I’m always following you sir. I’m from Liberia

  • by Omokanjuola Adebola Adesola
    Posted 15 — 03

    Wonderful message

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