Greatness, Your Heritage

The Work Shop Of The Carpenter Is Very Rough But The Finished Product Is Always Very Enticing. Any One You See In Life That Suddenly Becomes A Great Person Has Fought Some Battles Behind The Scene.

     You Cannot Want Greatness Without Being Ready To Pass Through The Process. The Battles You Fight And Win Behind The Scene Determines How Publicly Celebrated You’ll Be. You Must Conquer Your Battles And Overcome Your Stumbling Blocks Before Your Shine Will Come. In Life Contest And Confrontation Is Inevitable For A Person With An Outstanding Great Destiny. Be Strong and Do not Loose Focus, God Is With You.

         You Must Prepare For The Greatness You Desire So Much Behind The Scene.


  • by Gilbert
    Posted 6 — 11

    Amen and am amen

  • by Samuel Maccarthy
    Posted 6 — 11

    Very powerful message,I v leanrt a lot this morning. God bless u Papa

  • by Oluwatosin Samuel Falade
    Posted 6 — 11

    Am always blessed with Apostle

  • by IAE
    Posted 7 — 11

    Thank you daddy

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