Being Born Again Is Confessing, Receiving And Working For Christ. That You’re Confessing And Speaking About The Sins You Have Committed Does Not Mean You’ve Repented, That Only Shows Your Remorse. Your True Stance In Christ Is Expressed Through Different Levels.

       There Are Levels To Your Work With God And The First Level Is Fellowship Which Is Your Beginning Stage As A Believer And As A Baby Christian You Must First Learn To Fellowship With God. Without The Fellowship Stage You Cannot Grow Into Becoming A Friend Of God.

     When You Become A Friend Of God, You Will Love God Unconditionally, In Bad Or Good Times Your Love For God Remains Undiluted Because Your Fellowship With Him Is Now Backed Up With The Friendship You’ve Cultivated In His Divine Presence.

Those Levels Automatically Qualifies You To Grow Into The Most Important Of All Which Is The Partnership Stage. This Is The Stage Makes You Begin To Live With The Consciousness That You’re A Worker In God’s House. You Become So Conscious Of The Assignment You Have In God That You Must Fulfill. A Lot Of People Are Deficient In Those Areas By Not Taking Note Of Their Assignment In The House Of Faith, That Is Why You See Them Struggling In Life.

Know Your Assignment And Be Passionate For The Things Of God.

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  • by Joy Stephen
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    More wisdom papa & mama we love you

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