Fight Indiscipline

There Are Some Sicknesses And Poverty That Is Not Demonically Caused, It Is Caused As A Result Of Lackadaisicalness. For Example, You Can’t Take In Sugar Recklessly And Not Get Diabetes. Many Are Sick Today Because They Refused To Take Care Of Their Body. Order Is The Mother Of Progress.

 “He Arranged The Wood, Cut The Bull Into Pieces And Laid It On The Wood. Then He Said To Them, Fill Four Large Jars With Water And Pour It On The Offering And On The Wood.” (1st Kings 18:33) God Loves Orderliness. Anybody You See Progressing Is An Orderly Person.  Nothing Builds Character Like Discipline.


  • by Mfon
    Posted 4 — 02

    That’s true sir

  • by Katherine Simmons
    Posted 4 — 02


  • by Simeon David
    Posted 12 — 02

    Very empowering!

  • by Udunna Anene Henry
    Posted 13 — 02

    Nice one, sir.

  • by Daivasi Nyirenda
    Posted 17 — 07

    I hear you sir

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