Responsibility, The Price Of Greatness

      Your life is neither in the hand of God nor the devil, your life in your hands.  Some people blame God for their problems and the situations they go through while some blame the devil for the negative powers in their lives while they sit and do nothing about it also, some blame the people in their lives for their misfortune.

     You must understand that in life nobody owes you anything.  No matter who is supporting you, they can only carry you for a while.

The whole world lieth in wickedness so why put your life in the hand of man? You must carry your life in your hands; nobody should take credit for your rising because you are responsible for your life for there is self esteem and dignity when nobody takes glory for your rising.

 The apex of irresponsibility is constantly depending on others for survival.  If you want to be celebrated in life you must understand the mystery of taking responsibility and making decisions. Whatever you are in life today it is a function of your reaction, inaction and your action. So make that move today, take that step and begin your journey to greatness. You can only know your true worth  and power when you take responsibility for your life.


  • by Timothy Adiruo
    Posted 18 — 11

    I prayer in mine business devil Want me 2 lose my business please pastor pray for me

  • by Joseph Godwin Eshiokeme
    Posted 18 — 11

    Thank you so much. This is so timely. Responsibility is the price to my grateness. Thank you Daddy!!
    Apsotle’s life is an inspiration to me and I look forward in meeting him and having him be my father. I await patiently to be a student of Omega Fire Bible institute. Seeing Apostle consistently in my dreams gives me this notion that we are indeed connected and as well from the same spiritual tribe and I trust God that one day I would be fathered by Apsotle. Thank you sir for been a huge blessing to my life and the impact you cause to the body of Christ. The lord will continually bless you.

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