In Life, Peace Comes Not From The Absence Of Trouble, But From The Presence Of God That Is Why We Can Boldly Say Nothing In Or Of This World Measures Up To The Simple Pleasure Of Experiencing The Presence Of God. 

A Proof Of Spiritual Maturity Is A Function Of Your Passion For Divine Presence. Just How Much Do You Love Spending Time With God? As Believers We Must Learn To Spend Time In His Presence. Have In Mind That When You Have The Spirit Of God You Constantly Carry His Divine Presence. Your Environment Is Vital If You Want To Attract The Presence Of God When You Take Out Time And Begin To Seek Him.  Most Times To Get To GOD You Must Be Alone And Move Away From The Crowd.

    Walking In God’s Presence Brings Joy , Uncommon Strange Security And Rest On Every Phase Of Life, Regardless Of The Situation You Just Feel A Joy In Your Spirit , You Become So Unbothered Not Because You Aren’t Paying Attention To The Situation At Hand But Because You Know The Heavenly Father Is Right There With You  And He Is Working Out Your Miracles.

 Never Let The Presence Of A Storm Cause You To Doubt The Presence Of God.


  • by Joyce
    Posted 8 — 10

    Am blessed

  • by paul
    Posted 16 — 10

    i am blessed

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