Only God Is The Judge

Who are we to judge another man’s servant? In this Christian walk of faith do not for any reason get put off by another man. When you try to judge another man, in the process you lose focus, your vision might get tainted.

No man who is under the influence of the Holy Spirit, except on rare occasions under divine instruction should for any reason try to act as a judge over another man.

Take note that God’s walk with man differs and what God has said before might not be what he is saying at the moment. 

That’s more reason why we should be cautious, in view of the fact that we are not all knowing. Learn the habit of not being intrusive in someone else’s walk with God as we all have limited knowledge. We’re not God’s advocates so do not try to act as one, you’re not doing God a service by tongue lashing a fellow believer.

It is of no matter how unscriptural it may appear because, you don’t know people’s dealings with God so do not judge anyone.

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