Kill The Spirit Of Waste

One Thing That Stops People From Being Futuristic Is The Spirit Of Waste. Most Of The Time People Go For Things They Don’t Even Need Just For The Sake Of Show Off. People With The Spirit Of Waste Have Literally No Maintenance Culture. Child Of God, Do Not Put Yourself Under Unnecessary Pressure Just For The Sake Of Wanting To Meet Up To Societal Standard.

Even In This World The Riches Of A Man Is Not Measured By What He/She Has In The Bank But Their Assets.

People With The Spirit Of Waste Follow Trend. The Problem Of The Prodigal Son In The Bible Was Not That He Asked For His Inheritance Rather His Problem Was That He Wasted It (Luke15:13). If You Must Succeed In Life You Must Kill The Spirit Of Waste. Time And Resources Is Golden So Do Not Waste It.


  • by Grace Namataa
    Posted 12 — 03

    More Grace upon your life man of God…

  • by Prince
    Posted 16 — 07

    Tap from your Grace papa

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