The ways of God are very sure. God is a God of process. He had a determined end for His children but He takes time through the process in order for them to grow to maturity to fully take their place as priest and kings reigning on the earth .

 God delights in your maturity.  Without maturity the heir is like a servant.  

God would have taken the children of Isreal through a short route from Egypt to the Promised Land but God understood the danger involved in shortcut and took them through the wilderness, a place of training, grooming, refining and He took off Egypt out of them before bringing them into Canaan, the land flowing with milk and honey.

God owns the whole world but there are certain blessings He will not give a baby in Christ expect he or she grows up. Many who stumble in certain blessings gets them through shortcuts, shortcuts shortens their lives and season of pleasure. So child of God, grow up and stay up.


  • by Jessica
    Posted 24 — 10

    More grace man of God

    Father may i not use shortcut to get my blessings
    In Jesus name amen

  • by James Oti
    Posted 25 — 10

    Pray for my wife Sir, she’s been in pains for over two weeks after child delivery.

    Breasts pains, suckling the baby is with gnashing of teeth

  • by Fomuso Paul
    Posted 25 — 10

    Very inspiring and faith building

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