The extension of the positive characteristics of a father can contribute more to the healing of a nation than all the money-laden do good programs combined. It is these caring, compassionate, respectful and loving attributes that can not only encourage and heal a family, but can be extended outward to a neighborhood, a territory, and a country.”

    Any man can be a male but it takes responsibility to be a father. Pro creation does not make you a father, any man can procreate. A father means a source, so, if you aren’t a source to anyone you are not a father. You have to be able to take care of your offspring.

    We all can reproduce, we all can be teachers, business men and women  but, it is our impact that makes us stand out. What you do and how you do it is what makes you stand out. In your home you must be an outstanding figure and a role model to your offsprings.  You must be ready to give life meaning  but you cannot give life meaning without having a deliberate focus and purposeful positive impact.

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  • by Minister Yolanda Blalock
    Posted 9 — 11

    Glory to God in the Highest!!

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