Men Of Prosperity Are Men Of Priority. One Of The Greatest Mistakes A Person Can Make In Life Is Thinking That There Is Still So Much Time. Lavish And Unplanned Living Is Very Common Among The Christian Youth Of This Generation. This World Has No Respect For Former Champions, So Make Every Step You Take In Your Life Count By Always Having Your Tomorrow In Mind.

As A Beginner You Should Not Compare Your Life With That Of People Who Have Worked Over The Years To Get To Where They Are Now. Until You’ve Grown To A Level Where Your Income Is Monumental, Only Then Can You Slow Your Pace A Little And Enjoy The Fruits Of Your Labor.

When Money Enters Your Hand, Don’t Use It To Create An Impression You Must Use It To Create A Future.


  • by Matson
    Posted 12 — 03

    Praise the Lord!

  • by Ghenevwede A Godwin
    Posted 13 — 03


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