The Tides Of History Only Advances When History Make Themselves Visible.

In Life, Greatness Does Not Come By Accident, They Gain Might In Preparation.

Thats Why Those Who Are Idle Believing God For A Job From Nowhere Are The Greatest Jokers On Earth. Unti They Begin To Set Goals, What Was Hidden Cannot Be Visible. As An Upcoming Talent, You Have Been In The Dark For Too Long, It’s Time To Showcase What You ‘Ve Got By Doing A Short Piece, Drop It In Public Domain Consistently. That Little Idea  You Feel Nobody Will Be Interested In, Is What Over A Thousand Persons Are Waiting To Spend Billions On. Its Time To Come Out Of Your Shell And Show To The World You Have Something To Offer.

Make Visible What Without You Might Perherps Never Have Been Seen.


  • by Manuel Zamora
    Posted 12 — 10

    Thank you Sir for The Word!

  • by Kolawole Emmanuel
    Posted 13 — 10

    Thank you Papa

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