A Space At The Top!

Redemption Restored You To Your Place Of Dominion And Made You In Charge. It Is Either You Are The Head And Above, Because For The Redeemed There Is No Expectation For Being The Tail Or Being Beneath.  

The Lower Level Of Life Is Crowded! There Are Unhealthy Rivalries, Dream-Killers, Where Petty-Fellows  Who Never Desire To Move Forward But Are Out To Frustrate The Dreams And Aspirations Of Others Abound. If You Don’t Want To Be Limited In Anyway, Then Come Up, There Is Enough Room At The Top For All.

Never Allow Yourself To Be Caught Up And Trapped By The Drama Below, Your Place Is At The Top, Keep Moving On, Till You Get There.

  Come Up To The Place Of Fulfilment; Come Up To The Place Of Attention, Come Up To The Place Where You Can Be Seen And Shine Forth As The Light Of The World.

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  • by Lillian Kolantsho
    Posted 17 — 11

    I am uplifted and ready to learn more

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