Orderliness Is The Mother Of Progression. Anybody You See Progressing Is An Orderly Person.

Understand Discipline And Do Things In An Orderly Manner.  You’re Too Scattered That’s Why You’re Broke. Live An Orderly Life And See How You Make Account For Everything That Comes In And Goes Out Of Your Hand.

 The Israelites Remained In The Wilderness For 40 Years Because Of Indiscipline. They Kept On Complaining And Also, While They Were Journeying To The Promised Land They Started Joining The Gods Of Other Nations.

Until When They Got To The Point They Desired Only God, That Was When They Entered The Promised Land Unfortunately, They Had Already Wasted 40 Whole Years.

Indiscipline Is A Major Problem That Brings Disgrace To The House Of God.

 In Situations Where Ministers Of God Keep Compromising And Doing The Things They Know Very Well God Dislikes With The Mindset Of God Is A Merciful Father.

Nothing Builds Resolve Like Discipline So, Be Disciplined And Orderly…

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