You Have Immunity In Christ

When You Become A Child Of God, There Is A Level Of Immunity You Enjoy. You Can Be A Public Figure But Unattackable, That Is To Say People Around You Can Have The Thought To Harm You No Matter How Close They Are To You, But Cannot Carry Out Their Evil Plan Because God Has Taken Over Your Battles And God Frustrates Every Device Of The Wicked In Your Life.

Irrespective Of The Fact That Satan Has Raised Up People To Continually Cause Terror In This World, Child Of God, There Is A Group Of People In The Kingdom Of God That No Matter How Many Times People Fall They Remain Standing Strong Because They’re Under The Covering Of God. The Bible Says “He Will Cover You With His Feathers. He Will Shelter You With His Wings. His Faithful Promises Are Your Armor And Protection” (Psalm91:4).

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  • by Ima david Akpabio
    Posted 27 — 07

    I want to be a member

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