In life no matter your insecurities or inequalities, what stands you out for daily victory is prayer . Expressions of prayer is not a platform for angels to operate on, it has no value. It is the words you utter while praying that the angels of the lord listen to, they identify with your decree and deliver your answers.

     A Christian cannot be possessed because the devil cannot take charge of a believer whose body and soul belongs to God. The only thing that the devil can do to a believer is to oppress them with challenges that is capable of doubting their faith in God.

The devil cannot afflict a believer without having an entry point, there must be a loop hole that the devil uses to gain access. The devil capitalizes on your little mistake and blows it out of proportion.  He takes advantage of your challenge to cause you more pain.

As such only those who are firm in faith, resilient in prayers and void of sin can stand the test of time so, you must understand the things that can hinder your prayers from manifesting which are; sin, evil spirits and unspoken word hence, prolonging affliction. 

 Take a decision to terminate the assignment of the wicked in your life today.


  • by Iredy
    Posted 3 — 10

    More grace

  • by Elijah Effiong
    Posted 8 — 04

    I ready, more grace

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