Say No To Rebellion

Rebellion Can Cut Short Your Life And Destiny. When You’re Obedient And Willing, You Shall Eat The Good Of The Land. The Undeniable Reality Of Life Is You Cannot Be Disobedient To God And Expect To Eat Your Portion.

Disobedience Actually Empowers Diabolism. The Plans Of The Devil Cannot Be Made Manifest In The Life Of An Obedient Christian, It Is When You’re Rebellious, That All Of The Occulted Arrows Fired At You Finds A Saved Haven To Operate.

Rebellion Is As The Sin Of Witchcraft And Stubbornness Is As Iniquity And Idolatry (1stsamuel15:23). When You Rebel Against Divine Instruction You’re Empowering The Devil. If You Rebel Against The Lord’s Commandments The Hand Of The Lord Will Be Against You.

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  • by Getraund Kativa
    Posted 22 — 07

    I am Kativa Getrude Vihemba an Omega Child from Namibia.I would like to be in partnership with celebrations tv and have strong relationship with God

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