Russian Passenger Plane Loses Radar Contact, Whereabouts Unknown

Contact has been lost with a passenger plane carrying more than two dozen people in Russia’s Far Eastern peninsula of Kamchatka.

The An-26 was flying from Kamchatka’s main city to the town of Palana when it disappeared and failed to land as scheduled.

29 people were on board, including 23 passengers and six crew.

Russian news agencies quoted local officials as saying there were 28 people on board, including six crew, and that there were one or two children among the passengers.

There were conflicting reports of what may have happened, with one source telling news agency TASS the plane could have crashed into the sea and another telling Interfax it may have gone down near a coal mine close to Palana.

Russia, once notorious for plane accidents, has improved its air traffic safety record in recent years.

Russia also frequently experiences non-fatal air incidents that result in re-routed flights and emergency landings, usually stemming from technical issues.

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