The Horse Christian!

         Christianity is not just a religion it is a race, and the first major value for the horse is to race.  A horse has a major significance in the bible and we must understand and learn all concerning the horse.

As Christians we are running the believers race with patience and wisdom because there is an eternal price and giving up is not an option as our Christian journey is on the platform of relationship.

    Now, while running a race you should bear in mind that you have other contenders but, do not bother you self with how they run theirs. Whatever error anybody else other than you makes, you’re not to determine if he or she is running right or wrong. You’d only disqualify yourself by doing so and that’s the very reason why we do not judge people, no matter what they’re doing leave them to God because God is the only true judge.

Nobody can lay a charge to God’s elect, it is only God that justifies. For the justice of God riseth with unfailing triumph.

Keep up your Christian race and avoid distraction.

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