How Apostle Suleman’s Life Was Preserved By Angelic Assistance

Some time ago, the man of God in his early years in ministry traveled from Calabar, Cross River State of Nigeria, to Lagos for a vigil. On his way to Lagos, he boarded a Station Wagon. Before then, someone had threatened him with death and the man of God replied instantly to reverse the negative pronouncement.

There was a certain man who joined them in that journey, dressed very corporately in a suit with a briefcase. This man sat at the front, close to the driver.

Few hours into the journey, the gentleman began to beckon on the driver and said he was very pressed and needed to ease himself. He shouted so loud and got the attention of all the passengers in the wagon.

Initially, most of the passengers became scared. They thought he was a robber who was trying to lead their car into the hands of his supposed culprits for a robbery. The man kept begging the driver and insisted he wanted to ease himself, so the driver stopped and this man rushed into the bush to what he had said he wanted to do.

Another moment of worry sprang up when the gentleman was taking much more time in the bush than what was expected of him so everyone began calling him from the side of the road. Still, in that waiting moment, they noticed a luxurious bus which overtook their wagon and everyone was angry because it seemed to be a waste of time.

Few minutes after then, the gentleman came back from the bush and thanked them for giving him a chance to ease himself and the journey continued. Just a few miles from there, they noticed that there was an accident on the road. Getting close to the scene, it was the luxurious bus that just overtook them that ran into a trailer and had an accident.

In that place, they all went down from the wagon. Everyone began to shout and scream. Others began to thank God for preserving their lives. They then realized it was the delay of the gentleman in the bush that kept them away from the accident, so they opted to reach out to him to appreciate him. Getting to the front seat where he was, they could not find him; neither did they see his briefcase.

It was at that moment the man of God knew that he just encountered an angel of God, sent by God for the preservation of his life and that of the people in the wagon.

There are angels on assignment to the lives of every child of God. The Bible says in Psalm 91:11 “For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.”

The Restoration Apostle personally shared this story in one of his Friday Prayer meetings tagged “Solution Service” where he explained the mystery of Angelic assistance as a result of Night prayers.

May God be glorified!

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