Every child is precious, every life is sacred.

Sometimes God makes better choices for us than we could have ever made for ourselves.

      Your back grond should never be the reason why your back is on the ground. You come from that poor family because it is your destiny to elevate and liberate them from poverty. You are part of that blood line for a reason and you must fulfill your destiny.

       There is no need blaming God for your current misfortune because before you came into this world, God already had your whole life mapped out. We are all a part of God’s master plan.

     It is now left for you to activate your faith in God’s word to bring forth his plan into reality. God’s light will break out like the dawn, And your recovery will speedily spring forth; And your righteousness will go before you; The glory of the LORD will be your rear guard.

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  • by Morgan
    Posted 12 — 03

    My birthday is coming on 14th march Sunday l need GOD Power in my life.

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