Never Desire Power Without Character

Your Wealth, fame, political power, social power only amplifies who you are. A proud poor man can never be a humble millionaire. The proud rich man has always been proud but needed money to amplify it so, when you aspire for any level in life, it should be on the platform of a good nature because when you get to that apex of life, it will amplify who you really are.

Never desire power without character. That why in this generation you see people do body surgery just to get a man but, fail to do surgery on their character to keep the man.

When people aspire for office, don’t listen to what he is saying because he might deceptively sweet talk you with words, listen to who he is. When you see pride and name calling, it shows the character of a bad leader because real leaders don’t discuss people, they discuss issues. So,before you allow pride take over your life, remember that  no matter what you are, you are not the first.

Whatever you are is not permanent, you may take the center stage now but, somebody is going to come up.

And What you do to people in your days of fame, wealth and popularity will be your retirement.

Life always pays you the gratuity and pension on the platform of how you treated people in your glory days .

Nature is superior to effort.



  • by Temwani Sharon Phiri
    Posted 30 — 10

    Ummm! This is Wisdom.

  • by Temwani Sharon Phiri
    Posted 30 — 10

    Couldn’t be said any better. Great insight Apostle Sir!

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