Feminism Is Gender Visibility Says Apostle Suleman

In the world today, feminism is being misunderstood by everyone who has been agitating its course. Around the world today, this is a strong revolution. This movement has broken homes and relationships due to its misconception.

On Sunday 15th March 2020 Apostle Johnson Suleman broke loose the true meaning of feminism. The President of Omega Fire Ministries who recently started a series entitled, 7 Sundays of Lion of Judah Service. Opening the 1st Sunday, elaborated on feminism being gender visibility.

This has become a problem as women have been struggling with equality in civil and social affairs in the society. Majority of those who are involved in this revolt may do it for the wrong reasons best known to boost their female ego. However the true course for feminism as portrayed by the Apostle provides a relief for those who don’t know their stands in this case. Moving further, he encouraged women to live up to their visibility in all ramifications because women who are stable naturally command attention and recognition.

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  • by Ntsebo Hlalele
    Posted 19 — 10

    I am truly empowered and blessed. May the Lord help me to exercise wisdom. I was more impressed by prayer, destiny and the presence of God. I give myself for His service. Preparation is key. That also made my day. May the Lord help me to apply it daily in the name of Jesus. I pray for true peace together with recognition of my true destiny. God is good. God is merciful. I love Him.

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