Create A Better World For Yourself

          For you to take your life in your hands there are steps you must take and there are decisions you must act on. First you must disconnect from family foundations. It’s quite normal for your family members to hate you so it is paramount to disconnect yourself from family foundations if you must take your life in your hands.

Have in mind that there is no level you get to in life that you should stop praying against foundational powers. Hence, never be negligent of foundational powers.

       The alter and foundation you refuse to fight today will definitely come for you in the future.

Take your life in your hands and break out from what fought and stopped your fore fathers. Be the change your generation needs. Every man has a proper gift as Christ is our master. If you want to be great, you must be like Christ, He did not put his hands in the hands of people so you should not.  You must be ready to waste the waster in order to have a better future because it’s in your hand to create a better world for yourself to live in.

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