Unconditional LOVE

The beauty of life lies in your freedom to design it lovingly with compassion to celebrate successes.

God’s ability is not in doubt nor can his power be matched nor contended. God blessing you is not a problem but the blessing has to come on the premise of your love for his word.

You cannot live a worldly life and expect God to bless you.  Live a life that please God but never get puffed up with knowledge.

     Using the life of Job as a case study, Job won the heart of God and God boasted with him. Job had total trust in God irrespective of the turbulence he was in at a point in his life, Job lost all he had in a blink of an eye  Still, he had faith and total trust in God.

  As Christians we need to have spiritual stamina. Spiritual stamina is a function of the trials that have come your way and you never questioned nor doubted God.  Always have in mind that not all negative experiences are demonic, God might be taking you through some troubles in life to test your faith and strengthen you. Because, God cannot let you go through what will over power you. He is with you right there in your storm. Job was perfect and upright, he was standing right with both God and his conscience. Your worth as a believer is proportional to the stamina you have.

 Your Christianity should win the heart of your neighbor. How you treat people reflects how much you love God. We should be overwhelmed with the consciousness of the Almighty and have a reverential fear of God. The love of God you have is reflected in how you regard people. Only a fool says in his heart there is no God.

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  • by Courage Mawuko
    Posted 30 — 09

    I love the Word

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