PETROL: Comparing Nigeria With Saudi Arabia Ridiculous, TUC Tells Buhari

The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria has condemned the comparison between Nigeria and Saudi Arabia made by the President, Muhammadu Buhari, in his Independence Day address.

The President, TUC, Quadri Olaleye, in a statement on Thursday, said the comparison was unnecessary as Nigeria was not at par in all ramifications with Saudi Arabia and other countries mentioned.

He said the country had achieved nothing despite six decades of oil exploration, adding that the government was paying lip service to infrastructure development.

He said successive governments had looted, laundered and wasted the country’s resources while patronising hospitals outside the country.

Olaleye said, “It is like comparing black and white. It is that bad!

He added that, It is ridiculous to compare Nigeria with Saudi, Dubai, or any other country, not even in Africa. With the natural resources that we have, we could rule the world, but government is not interested. There is no need for this comparison because it looks like the president is defending fraud and the impoverishment of Nigerians. Also, he wondered what Nigeria has achieved with all the money made from oil since over six decades of oil exploration in commercial quality? Nothing he said. All successive leaderships have done is loot, launder and buy properties in foreign land

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