Biden: How Europeans Have Reacted To President’s Visit

Joe Biden meets Russia’s Vladimir Putin, fresh from days of talks with European leaders on his first visit to the continent as US president. Mr Biden has met leaders at the G7 in Cornwall, then at Nato and EU headquarters in Brussels.

President Biden has reaffirmed America’s traditional support for the European Union as an important partner in global affairs. EU-US summit declaration announces a series of joint actions, ranging from the response to the pandemic and action in the fight against climate change to strengthened co-operation on trade, investment and technology. There’s also a firm commitment to defend democracy and human rights.

There is even a breakthrough agreement on greater joint work and co-operation in the area of security and defence, previously an almost taboo subject. A series of working groups and a new Trade and Technology Council will ensure that, in the coming months, the co-ordination is intensified across the full range of these issues. Europe, and specifically the EU, is back at the centre of US global policy.

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