There Is No Freedom Outside God – Apostle Suleman

At Omega Fire Ministries yesterday in the middle of the day was a special communion service led by the Founder and President of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman. Meanwhile, the spiritual exercise was conducted at about 02:00pm having the entire congregation present to receive the blood and the body of Jesus Christ. 

This exercise is common with believers as it is a norm to be free and cleansed from all forms of unclean things, diseases, afflictions attacks and it likes. However the communion is also a tool for restoration of any sort that may be missing in the lives of believers.

Going through all these, the Apostle admonished the congregation on freedom which was the hallmark of the gathering. Speaking, he elaborated on the essence of being free. 

Ultimately the service ended after the intake of the communion rapped up with prayers.

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