TD Jakes Shares Thought On The Covid-19 Vaccine

Approximately 40% of Americans say they will not take the COVID 19 vaccine, with manyexpressing concerns about possible side effects.

In an effort to better inform and enlighten the public about the COVID-19 vaccine, global spiritual leader Bishop T.D Jakes brought together several of the world’s leading corona virus experts, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease official, for a panel

discussion titled Conversations with America: Understanding the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Conversations with America is a semi-regular, data-driven forum developed by Jakes to help Americans navigate difficult discussions. 

In addition to Fauci, other panelists were; Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, a viral immunologist and lead scientist on the corona virus research team at the National Institute of Infectious and Allergic Disease’s Vaccine Research Center. Dr. Onyema Ogbuagu, an infectious disease specialist, associate professor at Yale School of Medicine, and principal investigator of the Pfizer COVID-19 trial at the Yale Center for Clinical Investigation. Jill Waggoner, a Dallas-based family medicine practitioner, author, and health and wellness expert will co-host the discussion.

The event premiered exclusively on the official T.D Jakes YouTube channel on Monday, Jan. 25. Jakes said “There are many hurdles to finding a solution to the pandemic, including the supply and distribution of the vaccine. But he believes the biggest issue is distrust. Distrust is

understandably high among African Americans, who have faced decades of unethical medical experiments and disparate treatment in health care. These Conversations with America event will provide the public with knowledge and education, but also with hope.”

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