Restructure UN Security Council, Says Oyedepo

The Chancellor, Covenant University, Ogun State, Dr David Oyedepo, has called for the restructuring of the United Nations Security Council in line the reality of contemporary international relations.

Speaking on Thursday at a virtual conference organised by Covenant University and United Nations Information Centre to mark the United Nations at 75, Oyedepo in a keynote address said UN was due for reforms.

Oyedepo said, UN is due for reforms. For this to happen and to achieve other goals, the UN would have to make the following internal reforms; restructure the UN Security Council in line the reality of contemporary international relations;  position herself for the inevitable challenges of the 21st century  international diplomacy, where digitisation is fast outpacing shuttle diplomacy and where power is becoming redefined and diffused.

The UN must become more de-politicised in her administrative operations and deliberately create a culture of inclusiveness in policy process and implementation so that member-states can regard themselves as equal partners.  The UN must become more democratised in her structure, giving more room to the rising powers and emerging economies, especially from the global South, to exercise their influence in leadership, the international community has the responsibility to strengthen existing multilateral institutions of which the UN is the best model to meet these inevitable challenges.

Oyedepo urged UN to always stand against superpowers when their actions endanger the very essence of human existence.

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