Rest, The Language Of The Accomplished -Apostle Suleman

For over four Sundays now, Omega Fire Ministries has been on a program tagged “FOUR SUPER SUNDAYS” anchored by the President and founder of Omega Fire Ministries Apostle Johnson Suleman.

The program which ended Sunday 11th April 2021 was said to have  started on the 21st March and has recorded miracles and tremendous testimonies.

The progressive program ended on a high note with an amazing  sermon titled “The Battle for Rest”.

Making it easier For believers to comprehend, the apostle expounded saying that the destination of every believer in God is the place of rest. And if they must access rest in totality, there must be battles to be fought.

He went further to explain rest in it’s entirety mentioning that the language of the accomplished is rest which must be contended for.

In direct statements, he emphasized the need for believers to engage in fervent warfare prayers if they must attain rest in life and destiny.

 Stating its importance, he outlined different prayers believers should put to work which are prayer of confidence, the power of night vigil, praying in the Holy Ghost, having a prayer partner and intimacy with God which is also termed fellowship.

The service made indelible Marks in many believers by prophetic messages and the miraculous which ended in praise and celebration.

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