Madagascar: Covid-19 Vaccine Restores Hope Amid Pandemic Second Wave

In Madagascar, 716 people have officially died from the coronavirus since 23 March 2020, and 38,874 cases have also been recorded.

While the number of deaths seems low compared to many countries around the world, the second wave in recent weeks has been particularly alarming.

In one month, Madagascar has recorded more than 12,900 cases of coronavirus and no less than 240 deaths. In hospitals, the lack of oxygen and medical equipment has been felt.

But with the arrival of the Covishield – Astrazeneca vaccine, many locals are regaining hope. In this hospital in Ambatondrazaka, seven hours’ drive from the Malagasy capital, seven patients are hospitalised for COVID-19, two of whom have a severe form. Only one person per patient is allowed to enter the hospital for visits.

Once, there was a power cut and the generators did not work. And when the electricity is less powerful, the oxygen also goes down or stops.

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