Haiti PM Ariel Henry Banned From Leaving Country Amid Murder Inquiry

Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry has been banned from leaving the country amid an investigation into his alleged involvement in the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse.

A prosecutor is seeking charges against Mr Henry, who has been asked to explain his links with a key suspect in the killing, Joseph Felix Badio.

Records show the two men had multiple phone calls just hours after the assassination, prosecutors say. Mr Moïse was killed at home on 7 July.

He was shot dead after gunmen stormed his private residence in a suburb of the capital, Port-au-Prince. His death triggered a political crisis which was exacerbated when a huge earthquake struck the south of Haiti a month ago.

Mr Henry sent a letter purportedly sacking Chief Prosecutor Bed-Ford Claude and accusing him of a “serious administrative offence”. He later nominated a replacement.

However, Mr Claude appeared to remain in his post as he asked a judge investigating the murder of Mr Moïse to charge the prime minister over his “suspected” involvement in the case.

Sources with knowledge of Haiti say it is not in the prime minister’s remit to dismiss the prosecutor.

Haiti’s justice minister has ordered extra police protection for Mr Claude following a number of reported threats.

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