Firm Promotes Solar Energy Deployment In Rural Areas

Bboxx Nigeria Limited has said Nigeria’s plan to generate electricity across the rural communities can be achieved with solar energy deployment.

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Ernest Akinlola, says this during the official launch of Bboxx Nigeria and unveiling of its retail shop in Badagry, according to a statement.

The company aims to provide clean solar energy accessible to over 74 per cent of the rural and peri-urban Nigerian population living without electricity supply.

Akinlola described Bboxx Nigeria as the next generation utility, committed to transforming people’s lives and unlocking potential through easy access to energy.

He also added that over the year, Bboxx will expand into other states including rural Lagos, Oyo, Ondo, Osun and Ekiti states. Bboxx’s Pay-As-You-Go Solar Home Systems will mean access to more affordable solar energy as customers pay for ownership with flexible payment plans.

According to him, solar energy is the safest and most abundant for Nigeria and the African continent.

It is noiseless it is ubiquitous in a country with 330 days of sunlight guaranteed each year. Other renewable energy options are available, such as wind power and hydro, but they require significant capital investment in infrastructure and last-mile deployment. Solar home systems are easy to deploy and affordable in the pocket. All you have to do is wait for the sun to rise and your battery is charged. Once charged it lasts you through the night.

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