Electricity Act Will Instil Sanity In Power Sector – Senate

The Senate has assured Nigerians and critical stakeholders in the power sector that the bill being considered by the National Assembly to amend the Electricity Act, will instill sanity in the sector when passed.

NEMSA is a Federal Government agency saddled with the responsibilities of enforcing technical standards and regulations in the power sector through inspection, testing and certification of electrical equipment and products.

However, the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of NEMSA, Peter Ewesor, complained to the Senate panel that some electricity distribution companies were still carrying out some responsibilities placed on his agency by the Act that established it.

Ewesor told the Senate panel that his office had received some information about certain Discos which procured meters and distributions them without recourse to NEMSA for proper testing before deployment.

Reacting to the concerns raised by NEMSA, the chairman of the Senate panel said all the infractions going on in the sector would be checked when the Electricity Act has been passed federal parliament.

Suswan said NEMSA had a lot of responsibilities to carry out in the power sector but that it was unfortunately not being properly funded.

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