Burkina Faso Vows ‘Sweep’ After Deadly Militant Attack

Burkinabe Prime Minister Christophe Dabire has promised that the attack that left 160 people dead last weekend in northern Burkina Faso will not go unpunished.

He said the deadly incursion will not go unpunished after a meeting with the people of Solhan, who have taken refuge in Sebba, the capital of the Yagha province, where he flew in a helicopter with five members of the government.

Armed men suspected militants attacked the village of Solhan in the Yagha province (Sahel region), killing 132 people according to the government, while local sources put the death toll at 160.

The governor of the Sahel region, Colonel Salfo Kaboré, banned the use of two- and three-wheelers in the area “until further notice.

Burkina Faso, a Sahel country bordering Mali and Niger, has been facing increasingly frequent and deadly jihadist attacks for six years.

Security forces are struggling to stem the spiral of jihadist violence that has left more than 1,400 people dead and more than a million displaced since 2015.

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