Barriers To Impact: Poverty Is A Mindset -Apostle Suleman

Following the series, Barriers for impact by Apostle Johnson Suleman, it is glaring that men ought to put their lives in order by following principles. 

It’s a clear indication that the Apostle is fully prepared to inculcate the standard appropriated for believers all over the world as it was earlier reported the importance of impact and possible resistance it generates.  In continuation, he mentioned more barriers to impact one of which is “Poverty”.

Elaborating on poverty; he said poverty is a mindset and it smells badly than body odour.

He added that people tend to accuse others for their predicament and poor standard of living just to make excuses for their inability to be productive.

Going further, the Apostle said to eradicate poverty mentality syndrome, the believer must develop a negotiating, commercialized or marketable mindset. He mentioned four kinds of poverty; Inherited poverty, poverty by foolishness, poverty by association, poverty by lack of sacrifice.

In conclusion, he urged believers to work on their mindset, be determined to uplift their families, watch the company they keep and become dangerous givers.

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