Apostle Johnson Suleman Urges Believers To Be Diligent

Apostle Johnson Suleman urges believers to be diligent in life and destiny to avert poverty and unproductiveness. The Apostle who took the congregation on the series “Heaven on Earth” says Overtime, it’s been found that believers are lazy in achieving set goals in their respective careers. They have refused to be diligent in executing duties knowing that it’s important to dream big no matter their field or profession.

Moving further, he says people can be “called” to a profession to make impact but because they lack diligence, they reduce the glory of the career.

He went ahead to say lazy people have no future so, everyone must be industrious, persistently dogged, punctually motivated and seriously engaged because idleness and unserious behavior sponsors poverty.

The prophet of God advised believers to learn from the ways of the ant by engaging in a precise study of their attributes  making references to the holy book.

The ants are not intimidated, they think big by actions, they are organized and operate in a united team work that grants them productivity. He urges them to be futuristic in all their dealings by dreaming big, having the right company, setting targets for themselves, maximizing time and avoiding waste.

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