Algeria Imposes Fresh Covid-19 Restrictions

Algeria imposed new coronavirus restrictions closing sport and cultural centres as well as beaches after a spike in infections.

The government called on Algerians to fight what it called a “concerning phase” of the pandemic.

Algeria has registered more than 68,000 infections and at least 2,100 deaths, according to the Ministry of Health, with President Abdel Madjid Tebboune hospitalised in Germany with the virus last month.

Under the new restrictions, announced by the prime minister’s office, a curfew will be imposed overnight across much of the country.

Sports halls, recreational and leisure areas, beaches, youth and cultural centers will be shut for 15 days.

Businesses are required to close from 3 pm, with cafes and restaurants limited to takeaway.

The government also reiterated there was a ban on large public gatherings, saying they help spread the virus.

Algeria has been rocked by large anti-government rallies, and an attempt to bury the movement with a referendum to revise the constitution flopped with record low turnout.

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