Your Salvation Is God’s Ability But Growth Is Your Responsibility!

The subject of the “Grace message” is one of those which have caused a lot of controversy, squabble and bickering in the Christian ecosystem. The Grace message is seen as that which annunciates Christ’s works on the cross and most likely abrogates the responsibilities of the Christian.

Apostle Johnson Suleman during one of his Sunday Service highlighted some depths and insight on this renowned subject which has raised a lot of dust in the Christendom.

He explained how about two decades ago, he and a close friend stumbled on the “Grace” message and began to preach it. They both carried the New Creation message so much so that whenever they heard others talk or preach on judgment, they became very critical of them. The story took another turn when the man of God lost his friend in an intricate manner despite his knowledge of the message of grace.

The man of God knew that there was something which was not right so he went ahead to enquire from the Lord. And God said “the message of Christ is accessed by FAITH, enforced by DOMINION and enjoyed by SERVICE”.

He further explained these things by the writings of Paul who spoke of keeping himself under subjection, so he realized that the work of Jesus does not erase what you as a Christian is supposed to do. Christ has paid the price but it is your duty to cast out every negative situation that comes your way.

By this response from God, the man of God knew that the understanding that Christ has done everything is actually the beginning of the message. That’s the message that we have received from God which is actually at its infantry level but exercising dominion to enjoy your riches in Christ is a higher level.

This was a turning point for him as a young pastor then and he stopped being critical of the “Judgment Preachers” because he understood that it was the message revealed to them. The approach which preachers use may be different but Christ is the centre.

Your salvation is God’s ability but growth is your responsibility!

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