Speak Only Edifying Words

Wrong Use Of Your Tongue Can Hinder You From Reaching Your Expected End. Keep Thy Tongue From Evil And Thy Lips From Speaking Guile (Psalm34:13). As A Child Of God You Must Not Speak In Certain Ways. A Genuine Child Of God Must At All Time Speak Positive Words. Some People Can Lie Out Someone From Heaven, Their Tongue Is So Deceitful. A Man Possessed With The Holy Spirit Cannot Be Seen Nor Heard Speaking Unedifying Words.

It’s Understandable If You’re Afraid To Say Things The Way They Are In That Moment, Be Quiet Till You Can Muster The Courage To Speak Up The Truth Rather Than Tell A False Story To Cover Up The Situation At Hand Because The Truth Always Has A Way Of Revealing Itself.

The One Whose Heart Is Prepared For Evil Is Not As Terrible As The One Who Suddenly Received The Seed Of Evil. The Wrong Use Of Tongue Can Give A Person An End That Is Not Expected.


  • by Dodo Jennifer
    Posted 4 — 03

    The Lord increase you mightly sir

  • by David Ewomazino lkogho
    Posted 4 — 03

    I want to be enriched with spiritual material through this subscription

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