South Sudan: 30% Less Emergency Food Aid As UK Cuts Foreign Spending

In light of the decision of the United Kingdom’s government to cut foreign aid spending, many in South Sudan are concerned as Pibor in the northeast on the brink of famine, is at the heart of a humanitarian crisis.

Reportedly, two-thirds of children in South Sudan are malnourished.

A humanitarian crisis that could worsen since the UK as the country’s second-largest donor, has slashed its emergency food aid contribution by around 30%

Matthew Hollingworth, the World Food Program South Sudan Country Director, explains the current state of affairs.

He said they have had to take some really painful and really difficult decisions. In the areas where they are trying to avert a famine, they are taking from the hungry to give to the starving.

In spite of the aid cuts brought about by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK claims that South Sudan destabilized by conflict and unprecedented floods since achieving independence 10 years ago, is still a top priority.

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